What is HomeLink® Technology?

2020 Chevrolet Malibu Dash

HomeLink® is a useful wireless technology equipped in many new Chevy models for sale here at Huntington Chevrolet, like the Chevy Silverado 1500, Chevy Malibu, and Chevy Trax. Built into your Chevy interior, it helps you control radio-frequency compatible devices:

  • Open and close your garage door or automatic gate
  • Activate and deactivate your home security system
  • Enable you to switch interior and exterior home lights, appliances, and other electronics on and off from the comfort of your Chevy interior without external devices

Below, read more about the many benefits of HomeLink® and how easy it is to learn how to program your HomeLink® system! 

The Benefits of Using HomeLink®

If you’re still seeking further clarification surrounding the question “what is HomeLink®?”, or wondering why it’s useful, here are some additional benefits of using HomeLink® in your Chevy:

  • Ease of Use: Connecting your Chevy to your garage door or other device is simple with HomeLink® and it enables you to avoid carrying around a remote everywhere you go.
  • Compatibility: The majority of garage door openers and gate systems work with HomeLink®. So do a plethora of other radio-frequency (RF) controlled devices.
  • Battery-Free: HomeLink® doesn’t require changing batteries, unlike the remotes it likely replaces or works in tandem with.
  • Command Up to Three Devices Simultaneously: The HomeLink® system in your Chevy has three buttons so you can control three garage doors or other devices without having to do any reprogramming.
  • Safety & Security: Most modern HomeLink® systems let you see if a garage door has been left open or not. HomeLink® apps also provide support for controlling other home electronics.

How Do I Program HomeLink® in My Chevy?

Columbia City Chevy drivers will be happy to know that programming HomeLink® is not a very involved process. In fact, it can be done with just the following four steps:

  1. The HomeLink® system in your Chevy should have three buttons. Depress the first and third buttons and hold them until the interior lights of your car start flashing. (This normally happens in about 20 seconds). This is called a master reset and will not need to be done when adding other devices — it only needs to be done when programming the first device and setting up the system.
  2. Once you see the lights on the ceiling of your Chevy flash, it’s time to press and hold the button you want to program while also holding the open/close button on your garage door opener down. Next, your ceiling lights should transition from slow to quick flashing.
  3. Once you see your lights flash quickly, get out of your vehicle, and press the “learn” button on your garage door opener.
  4. Get back in your car and press the programmed button on your car for a minimum of two seconds. The lights on your garage door opener should flash, indicating that the HomeLink® system and your garage door opener system are connecting!

Learn About HomeLink and Other Chevy Technologies with Huntington Chevrolet

So, now you know more about HomeLink® and how it works. Ready to experience this helpful Chevy technology for yourself in Huntington? Visit us at Huntington Chevrolet when safe at our convenient location close to all your favorite Columbia City and Wabash attractions! We can offer you additional assistance with programming or reprogramming your HomeLink® system at our service center, or you can just schedule service now to have one of our Chevy experts help you complete the process!

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